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Michael McGrady is an acclaimed journalist and member of the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ). From conservative, libertarian health care perspectives to leading coverage on foreign policy and American state politics, and liberal bias on America’s college campuses, McGrady has a versed portfolio.


My name is Michael McGrady, and I am the reason why you are on my personal website.

Here is the simplified resume and bio for brevity’s sake:

In my few years working in media and politics, I have opened myself to a plethora of experiences that would leave some of you speechless. At the ripe old age of 20, I have worked on dozens of political and issues campaigns as a consultant, voter outreach specialist, media guru, and your salt of the earth volunteer.

Through all of that, I developed my view of the world to be centered on the “pro-liberty” school of thought. Tied in with my faith and my wish for all individuals to enjoy unhindered freedom, I positioned myself as a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy to limit government, protect all life, and defend the constitutional rights of all people.

Regardless of what you may think, the mission I have adopted is simple:


Currently, I am the executive director of my namesake organization, McGrady Policy Research. MPR is an extension of myself via a coalition of like-minded individuals that work with me to educate and activate the masses on free markets, personal individualism, and sound governmental rule.

My educational background focuses on Global Politics, with an emphasis on free-market solutions to affordable health care. Yet, I am versed in several realms of analysis on policy and politics, internationally or abroad.

I hope that we can interface and see how we can help each other out. (Warning: I don’t ever shut up).

Feel free to contact me in the ‘Contact and Booking’ tab (above) for any and all inquiries, speaking requests, business requests, and etc.

I answer quickly.

God bless you,

Michael McGrady, ACHJ


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